The Universal Benefits of Using Salvaged Soundboards

By Brent Cole / December 26, 2016

People in Alaska like to listen to KTOO, a not-for-profit Juneau-based public radio station that shares interesting stories about life in Alaska. Recently, KTOO posted an article on its website about Sitka spruce, the wood that has helped make guitars and violins sound so good the world over. Sitka spruce is used as a “tonewood,”…

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Adirondack Spruce vs. Sitka Spruce

By Brent Cole / March 7, 2016

Adirondack Spruce vs. Sitka Spruce- Revisited: When a person buys or acquires a guitar, they’re getting a finely crafted instrument that was made from various materials, including wood. Oftentimes, guitars are made using wood from spruce trees. Spruce trees are coniferous evergreens with needles attached singly to their branches in a spiral fashion. They’re large,…

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Why Acoustic Guitars are More Fun than Electric Guitars

By Brent Cole / February 25, 2016

Did you ever wonder why vinyl is making a comeback? Could it be that people are a bit tired of the seemingly soulless music formats like the digital CD and MP3? Vinyl has a warmth to it that those other formats don’t. Occasional imperfections are often welcomed in music, rather than technical perfection lacking any…

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Tips for Optimizing the Sound of Your Guitar

By Brent Cole / February 22, 2016

Guitar players seem to gravitate toward certain guitars based on their sound, which often has to do with the kind of tonewood used by the guitar maker. The bodies of guitars can be made using different types of wood, each bringing out a certain kind of sound from the instrument. Alder, a medium-weight wood, is…

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Reasons to Use Sitka Spruce for Your Soundboard

By Brent Cole / February 3, 2016

To the average person, a guitar is a guitar. They don’t pay much attention to details. However, for musicians who love their instruments, a guitar isn’t just a guitar, and how each one is made truly matters for both aesthetic and musical reasons. A guitar soundboard is something music makers care about because it plays…

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Understanding the Effects of Deforestation

By Brent Cole / November 2, 2015

With the permanent loss of nearly 18 million of acres of forest every single year, deforestation has become an increasingly pressing issue. With human populations on the rise, there is no other way to preserve our resources than to curb our consumption. Deforestation degrades air quality around the globe for multiple reasons. To begin with,…

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What Is Sustainable Forestry (And Why Does It Matter?)

By Brent Cole / August 11, 2015

  Sustainable forestry begins before a tree is ever felled. It is a comprehensive system of resource management that aims to utilize the resources we need, while leaving the forest infrastructure intact for future generations. The idea is that for every tree felled, another should be left in its place to replace it. This way,…

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Building Soundboards with Salvaged Wood

By Brent Cole / April 21, 2015

Before a tree is ready to be hewn and milled into soundboards, it has to mature until its growth lines reach a minimal density of roughly 10 lines per inch. In hardwood species, this maturation process takes roughly 95 years. In softwoods, it takes a minimum of 200 years. The trees we cut are, on…

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Knowing How to Grade Tonewood

By Brent Cole / August 21, 2014

Tonewood plays a significant role in the sound of acoustic guitars. The difference is an obvious one, and even untrained ears can tell. The higher the quality of your tonewood, the better the sound will be. Depending on the tone you’re going for, you want to select a wood with the ideal hardness, density, porosity,…

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Seven Good Reasons To Learn Guitar

By Brent Cole / September 10, 2013

 It’s Never Too Late To Start!   Learning to play guitar is a skill for every age. Playing guitar is good for the soul and is not too complicated to learn when you have the right resources before you, including quality guitar, beginner music and a knowledgeable teacher to guide you along the way.  …

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