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Alaska Specialty Woods EarthTone soundboards have gone to thousands of customers in over 90 countries.
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Wesley Harper

When I am not building lighting I build different types of instruments professionally and for myself. I choose Alaskawoods.com in 2016 to supply a master grade top for a jumbo I was building. I found the perfect

Bruce Brockman

The tone woods I get are always top quality and have made some amazingly wonderful sounding instruments. My special requests are always honored, and the shipping always arrives on time. This is the only place I get my top woods.

Stanley George

Beautiful master grade Sitka. Tight grain and flawless. Stiff and reasonably dense. Will purchase again

I am a hobbiest builder, building archtop guitars. On the recommendation of my guitar-building mentor, I've ordered several spruce tops from Alaska Specialty Woods. Each time I found a great top, at a very

Bill Sterling

Looking back over my orders I can see I have been a customer for seven years, when I started doing my guitar building classes. The thing I like about ASW tops is their stiffness. I have also bought several lots of

Thomas Case

Best brace and tone woods in the world hands down.


I have recently done some shopping for guitar making material at Alaska Specialty woods in-order to finish up a few old projects long in storage . I bought a one piece Yellow Cedar top a set of sides and one two

Robert Abulon

Heard about Alaska Specialty Woods from many people, internet searching and just recently – a video on Driftwood Guitars referenced Alaska Specialty Woods. I was always going back and forth whether to buy wood

Stanley George

Alaska Specialty Woods – Master Grade: absolutely gorgeous and with a tap tone that sings. Highly recommended.

I just returned from an exclusive show in Texas where I presented my guitars alongside seven of the most respected luthiers in the industry. In a room full of people who typically overlook Sitka for the more

Roy Burch

"I'm from California and have been in Israel for 11 years. I started building guitars 3 years ago and really enjoy it. Alaska Specialty Woods provided friendly amazing service. I go to their website and order

I am totally impressed with the quality of the tops I received, and look forward to continuing business with Alaska Specialty Woods. Thanks!

Philip Davidson

Picked up some ancient Sitka and two very beautiful Sitka that has curl and bear claw that is stunning. Fine grain and great tap tone. I have been using Alaska Speciality wood for a great majority of my

All I can say is WOW! As a novice builder I can’t afford top grade tops but I have to say the AA tops that I bought from these good people
just blew me away. I had bought AA tops from another source but there is


I have been shopping at Alaska Specialty woods for the past 10 years for my guitar tops. I have always appreciated the quick response and shipping care they put into every order. The wood quality has always been


The best wood for a better instrument and a better sound, and aesthetically spectacular. Thanks!

I’ve been buying from Alaska Specialty Woods for a long time and I’ve had good experiences. I purchase wood for me and for my students at the Purdue Fab Lab. I have found that the quality is good, the prices are


I’m not sure what URL to include!

My latest order of brace wood and a couple sets of A-grade Sitka spruce tops arrived the other day and everything looks very nice. After a couple ukulele kit builds, and one

Phil Cully

It’s seven years since I first purchased soundboard materials from Alaska speciality woods. The quality of their materials is top class, with tightly packed growth rings, the straightest of grain and perfectly


I recently received my first order from Alaska. It arrived very quickly, especially considering it was being shipped to all of the way to Florida. I am very pleased with the wood I was sent. The grading was

I just presented my Creede Guitar #4 to its new owner at a small gathering of seven very discerning guitar players. This guitar is a 000-12 with a large sound hole and features your denim float-log Sitka paired

Jimi Warner

I’ve been a long time customer of ASW and would never consider anyone else to supply my shop with soundboards. Not only are their products and customer service exceptional, but they are one of the most respectable

Richard Hoover

One of our most rarified offerings is a limited edition of guitars made from an Ancient Spruce buried for millennia under 20 feet of saturated Rainforest earth. While excavating the site for the new ASW sawmill,

Tom Bedell

Bedell Guitars never uses clear-cut wood and in the case of the giant old-growth forests of the Tongass, we never use wood harvested from alive trees. There is only one tonewood supplier we rely on – Alaska

Edward Rice

Alaska Specialty Woods have provided some of the most beautiful and wonderfully sounding soundboards for my Guitars. The quality is outstanding. I recommend to all my colleagues without hesitation!

Douglas Housley


Luis Mesquita

Ukulele made with your top notch Bear claw sitka.
Thank you,

I really enjoyed working with the Alaska Yellow Cedar too I purchased, it has a wonderful tone and is beautiful to look at!


Ordering from the website was easy and it was shipped out immediately. Can't wait to get the tops in! I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
Thank You ASW.

This is a fantastic business to work with. As a flute maker, I am a bit on the fringe but Brent has responded patiently to every possible question (many!) I have thrown his way. The yellow cedar and sitka make a

MUST Guitars

ASW has supplied me with some of the best Weissenborn tops I’ve been able to come across. Dimensions for this type of instrument are difficult to find and ASW is very affordable for the quality they provide.

It is as important to me who I buy from, as what I buy!
From my very first purchase from Alaska Specialty Wood in 2008 I have been a fan.
Their constomer service has exceded my expectations, they truly

I am delighted to be working with Alaska Specialty Woods, Inc. to identify the right kind of spruce for our soundboards.

Brent and the family have exactly the same ethos as us especially when it comes to

I was very pleased with the spruce sets I received, and Brent's service was both personal and efficient – Thanks!!

I ordered 3 units of split sitka bracewood. I have ordered archtops, acoustic guitar tops and bulk bracewood before, so I know what to expect from Alaska Specialty woods.

I got my bracewood today via

Ordered wood for a mandola and a flatiron. The mandola was for my daughter who was born in Alaska in the 70’s and I wanted some wood from her birth state. He did not have anything the size of the mandola but

Guy’s, The wood arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I can’t believe it but your delivery beat 3 other’s in the continental US. The wood, especially the billet is gorgeous!! I have already cut and milled

It feels like you’re buying from a mom-and-pop business and that’s a good thing. I don’t do large purchases, but they’ve always treated my order as a priority order. It’s shipped quickly and well-packaged with

As a turkey call maker of more than 20 years and over 400 national awards from the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the finest woods in the world. Not all woods


I am very pleased with the spruce soundboards I received from Alaska Speciality Wood yesterday. I ordered orphaned soundboards that I will be using to make 3 string Cigar Box Guitars. They arrived in good shape


This was my second purchase from Alaska Woods, a Bearclaw Spruce soundboard, and I am very pleased. It is amazing that something so perfect in every way, can occur naturally.

I also made an earlier purchase, a

John Owens

After a great deal of internet research, I decided to give these folks a try. From the very first order the personal touch made it feel like we were old friends…and the quality is second to none!

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