How to Improve your Flute Playing

By Brent Cole / January 2, 2015

Mastering any instrument is a difficult task, but can also be rewarding. Here are a few tips to help you become the flutist you have always wanted to be. 1. Sit up straight- Yes your mother has been yelling at you for years to do this, but of course you ignored her. But it actually…

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Tips For Practicing the Cello

By Brent Cole / November 26, 2014

The cello is a beautiful instrument. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing its sound on recordings or a live concert, it is a musical instrument that leaves an indelible mark upon your spirit. But like many instruments, the cello can be challenging to learn and without the right practice techniques, one could find…

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All About Archtop Guitars

By Brent Cole / November 22, 2014

Archtop guitars were first introduced in the late 1890’s they were a new type of sound people were looking for. These new guitars were not invented to be amplified at the time. They already produced loud enough sound on their own and could round out a band. Archtop guitars are a special type of guitar…

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All About Your Instrument’s Reeds

By Brent Cole / July 1, 2014

Reeds are important to many woodwind instruments.  One could say that without the saxophone or clarinet the great sounds of jazz may never had existed.  Reeds are so important in bringing a unique sound to an ensemble.   There are different reeds to fit each instrument, and some instruments require two reeds to get the…

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How Mandolins Are Different From Other String Instruments

By Brent Cole / May 22, 2014

Mandolins are string instruments that many people have not heard of, and they are actually growing in popularity by crossing over into a variety of musical genres.  Mandolins are unique in their own way; stay tuned as we discuss how they are different than other string instruments.   One main difference between most string instruments…

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13 Tips for Better Guitar Practice

By Brent Cole / April 28, 2014

  Many people are turning to self-teaching methods with books and videos, instead of going to a teacher and getting lessons with feedback. Here are some helpful tips that will maximize your self-teaching efforts. –Give yourself a break. It’s difficult in today’s lifestyle to be playing for hours on end, and it’s not all that…

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How to Clean Your Sitka Spruce Guitar

By Brent Cole / April 1, 2014

Just like any other machine, it will work at its best when it is clean and looking like brand new. Playing your guitar for an extended period of time is sure to leave it needing a cleanup. However, it is important that you take special care of the Sitka Spruce wood and clean it properly.…

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Seven Good Reasons To Learn Guitar

By Brent Cole / September 10, 2013

 It’s Never Too Late To Start!   Learning to play guitar is a skill for every age. Playing guitar is good for the soul and is not too complicated to learn when you have the right resources before you, including quality guitar, beginner music and a knowledgeable teacher to guide you along the way.  …

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Anything But Classic: 5 Wacky Guitars

By Brent Cole / April 16, 2013

Ultimately, we know that a guitar, acoustic or classical, is only as good as the wood it’s made from. The rich tones and sounds produced by a quality wood are irreplaceable. But, let’s face it, some people are all about the visuals. Truthfully, we think wood is the most naturally attractive material a guitar can…

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Beautiful Sounds Created by the Harp Guitar

By Brent Cole / January 16, 2013

Have you ever seen the guitars that look like half harp half guitar? If so, you will not be surprised to learn that they are actually called harp guitars, quite the original name if you ask me! Harp guitars date back at least two centuries, although the actually history of the guitar is unknown. Found…

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