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What Is Sustainable Forestry (And Why Does It Matter?)


Sustainable forestry begins before a tree is ever felled. It is a comprehensive system of resource management that aims to utilize the resources we need, while leaving the forest infrastructure intact for future generations. The idea is that for every tree felled, another should be left in its place to replace it. This way, the deforestation won’t outpace reforestation. There are a number of ways to carry out sustainable logging practices, and the theories and methodologies are constantly evolving to become more effective and more efficient.

In our case, we use salvaged wood whenever possible to create our soundboards. By taking lumber from trees that have already fallen in the woods, we eliminate the need to cut down additional trees. It’s a labor intensive process, but it ensures that the forest will be around to produce more beautiful tonewood for centuries to come.

So why should we care about sustainable forestry? According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, 56 percent of the forested land in America in America is privately owned. This means that it’s our duty as responsible citizens to protect that land for our children, and their children. Deforestation has devastated some of this country’s most breathtaking landscapes, but it’s not too late to try to reverse its effects.

Take the reforestation efforts of the CCC, for example. In the wake of the worst environmental disaster in American History, the Dust Bowl, FDR dispatched his famous Tree Army to plant an estimated 3 billion trees between 1933 and 1942. In doing so they were able to break the harsh winds of the Dust Bowl, repair the soil, and restored many thousands of acres of deforested land. Today, their efforts have utterly changed the face of American landscapes formerly ravaged by deforestation.

Here at Alaska Specialty Woods, we’re proud to carry on this tradition of conservation in America. Take a look around our site, and see what we’ve been able to make with sustainably harvested Sitka Spruce.

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