Our Specialty is Sitka Spruce

We offer the FINEST Sitka Spruce, from 100 percent salvaged old-growth material!

Alaska Specialty Woods (ASW) has operated for over 20 years, producing soundboards and other tonewood products from Sitka Spruce, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and Western Red Cedar. We also source other species less common to the industry such as Western Hemlock, Mountain Hemlock and Red Alder. It is Sitka Spruce however, and the beautiful bearclaw soundboards from it, that we are best known for. At ASW we have first-hand experience processing millions of board feet of Sitka Spruce during our time of operation and, through our very particular methods of acquisition, have rejected tens of millions of board feet to do so. The experience we have in tonewood production is only possible because of our location, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

Alaska is so vast, it is hard to comprehend in entirety, all its majesty and natural beauty. However, Alaska is our home as well as our livelihood, and we have come to a deep understanding of the qualities that make it special. The seemingly infinite Tongass National forest is one of the beautiful qualities of Alaska. Located in Southeast Alaska, Prince of Wales Island is the heart of the Tongass National Forest, and is home to the world’s finest Sitka Spruce. Since 1997 Alaska Specialty Woods has been utilizing experience and knowledge of the area, to find the best sources for old-growth Sitka Spruce to salvage and sustainably harvest.

We have produced primarily salvage-sourced material since ASW was established in 1997. However, in the last two decades, we have witnessed a significant decline in the supply of old-growth timber resources available. The direct implications of this diminishing supply, has resulted in the fact that we now source 100 percent of our raw material from only salvaged old-growth timber, and have resolved to promote an ethical stewardship policy throughout the scope of our business. (Alaska Specialty Woods Company Photo)

We have been supplying the FINEST Sitka Spruce soundboard material available for over 20 years and we process over 50,000 guitar tops worth of Sitka Spruce annually to Luthiers, Manufacturers and Builders of Acoustic Instruments.

Why should you buy your tonewood from Alaska Specialty Woods?

Sitka Spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods is the FINEST tonewood you can buy!

If you are going to buy corn, you would go to the corn belt such as Iowa, Illinois or Indiana.

If you are looking to buy cedar you would go to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

When you are looking for the FINEST Sitka Spruce for your soundboard, Alaska Specialty Woods is the place.

100% Reclaimed Sitka Spruce.

Sourcing the finest Sitka Spruce tonewood for soundboards available through sustainable forestry and responsible wood use.

Conservation is very important to Alaska Specialty Woods.

We have the highest standards for quality and grade.

Not all “Master Grade” tops are the same. We downgrade our guitar tops to ensure the highest possible quality.

We manually break down every piece of wood to maximize recovery without sacrificing quality.

We take many factors into account when we grade our products. It may not always be aesthetics, some boards have inherent physical properties that make them of high or lower quality.

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