A Day With the crew of Alaska Specialty Woods Inc,

By Brent Cole / April 24, 2019

A Day with the Alaska Specialty Woods Inc crew We at Alaska Specialty Woods do a lot of different tasks to complete our one job, that is to produce the finest soundboard products in the world. Earthone Soundboards, from 100% Salvage sourced Old Growth Sitka Spruce, and Cedars, Native and growing in the forest around…

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Sitka Spruce Tonewood

By Troy Thomas / October 10, 2018

Play Those Subtle Acoustic Songs on Sitka Spruce Tonewood Guitars by Alaska Specialty Woods You see everything when looking for an acoustic guitar: Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood connect, etc. All extremely noteworthy, yet what does it mean? The more significant part of us aren’t wood specialists, so what precisely do distinctive…

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What is a Weissenborn Guitar?

By Brent Cole / February 10, 2017

What do famous guitar players Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), Ben Harper, and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) all have in common? They’ve all played a Weissenborn guitar at some point in their career. A man named Hermann Weissenborn developed his own unique brand of lap slide guitar in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, if you’re able…

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A Look at Sitka Spruce’s Importance to Alaska

By Brent Cole / February 8, 2017

If everyone reading this could come to Alaska and see Sitka Spruce trees in person, they’d marvel at their majesty. Indeed, life in Alaska is a treat for the senses– just one look around the forest here and you’ll stand in awe, impressed at nature’s beauty. Alaska Specialty Woods is proud to call Alaska home.…

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The Interesting History of the Harp Guitar

By Brent Cole / February 2, 2017

You don’t see too many harp guitars in use. They’re somewhat rare. A harp guitar can easily be described as basically a combination of the harp and the guitar, with several more strings than what you’re accustomed to seeing on a normal acoustic guitar. With a history dating back over two centuries, the harp guitar…

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Laminate vs. Solid Wood Acoustic Guitars

By Brent Cole / January 31, 2017

What’s better– laminate or solid wood acoustic guitars? Interestingly, the most common building material is still solid wood, even though guitars can be made from carbon fiber, Ekoa, fiberglass and recycled metal. Much like there are cheap cars and expensive ones, there are cheap guitars and expensive ones, too. You get what you pay for,…

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Calls for Sitka Blacktail Deer

By Brent Cole / January 16, 2017

While Alaska Specialty Woods is well known for supplying the finest Sitka Spruce instrument tonewood for guitar tops, did you know the company also offers Drop Shot Calls for hunters? In Alaska, when hunters want to find and attract Sitka blacktail deer, they often order doe Bleat sound calls from Alaska Specialty Woods. Made from…

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How to Protect and Preserve Your Guitar

By Brent Cole / January 12, 2017

Alaska Specialty Woods is known for supplying the finest instrument tonewood material for guitar tops. Guitars, in general, need to be treated like pets and babies– with tender, lovin’ care. Here are some tips for protecting your guitar from problems. Guitars acclimate to their environment. Therefore, if you go from a really cold place to…

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A Short History of the Guitar

By Brent Cole / January 11, 2017

Sitka Spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods is used to make many guitars sound great. Though guitars today seem ubiquitous, and are the most popular instrument for popular music, did you ever wonder about their history? The development of the guitar goes back thousands of years. Early versions of the guitar were most likely developed in…

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What is an Archtop Guitar?

By Brent Cole / January 6, 2017

There are many different types of guitars, one of which is called an archtop. With an arched top and back rather than a flat one, the archtop guitar is typically a hollow steel-stringed acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar with six strings, as well as an adjustable/moveable bridge. Archtop guitars were invented in the 1890s by Orville…

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