Guitar Practice

13 Tips for Better Guitar Practice

By Brent Cole / April 28, 2014

  Many people are turning to self-teaching methods with books and videos, instead of going to a teacher and getting lessons with feedback. Here are some helpful tips that will maximize your self-teaching efforts. –Give yourself a break. It’s difficult in today’s lifestyle to be playing for hours on end, and it’s not all that…

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Seven Good Reasons To Learn Guitar

By Brent Cole / September 10, 2013

 It’s Never Too Late To Start!   Learning to play guitar is a skill for every age. Playing guitar is good for the soul and is not too complicated to learn when you have the right resources before you, including quality guitar, beginner music and a knowledgeable teacher to guide you along the way.  …

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Major Factors in Acoustic Guitar Sound Quality

By Brent Cole / August 29, 2013

When people think acoustic, they often think vocals over guitar sound. This causes many people to fear that all acoustic instruments have the same tone and that couldn’t be further from what’s actually true. Generally speaking, guitars make or break an acoustic performance of a song; even if a the voice is great, if the…

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5 Mistakes Novice Guitar Players Make

By Brent Cole / August 16, 2013

    The guitar emanates some of the most beautiful and mystical sounds, so it’s predictable that it’s the most sought after instrument. Anyone can be successful at playing the guitar as long as you put in the time and dedication.   For novice players, even if you practice daily and meet your goals, you…

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