Why Acoustic Guitars are More Fun than Electric Guitars

Did you ever wonder why vinyl is making a comeback? Could it be that people are a bit tired of the seemingly soulless music formats like the digital CD and MP3? Vinyl has a warmth to it that those other formats don’t. Occasional imperfections are often welcomed in music, rather than technical perfection lacking any indication of human frailty.

That said, why go with an acoustic guitar over an electric? Perhaps it’s the same reason music aficionados are rediscovering vinyl records…

While acoustic and electric guitars have a lot in common, including six strings strung along a neck divided into frets, they’re different because of their bodies. Acoustic guitars first came into existence probably sometime in the 1500s. Their large hollow bodies with a sound hole below the strings, coupled with a soundboard made of thin wood, have been known to make beautiful, warm-sounding, pleasant music for centuries. Using natural vibrations to help create sounds pleasing to the ear, acoustic guitars don’t require any plugging in. They can be used at a campfire, on the beach, or in a living room for enjoyment. Electric guitars, while also popular, aren’t as natural and organic as their acoustic cousins, and therefore, not as beloved.

Electric guitars got their start in the early 1900s just as electricity became commonplace. Without sound holes, electric guitars use transducers to convert string vibrations into electric signals which then get sent to speakers to amplify the sounds people hear. Electric guitars work well for hard rock and heavy metal music, with their specific sound.

Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, work well in broader situations, and are ideal for folk, country and bluegrass tunes. Because acoustics incorporate wood, such as Sitka spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods, they have a distinct, warm and natural sound that you can’t achieve with an electric. The look, feel and tonal quality associated with Sitka spruce guitars is extraordinary.

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