ASW’s New Ultra Light Sort

By Brent Cole / April 27, 2020

Several years ago, one of our very appreciated customers – Greg Maxwell of Dogwood Guitars — called to order Master Grade Sitka spruce tops for his guitars. In the discussion, I asked him about his expectations for Master Grade. His answer was pretty much what one would expect — “You know, perfectly quartered, stiff as…

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Sitka Spruce Tonewood

By Troy Thomas / October 10, 2018

Play Those Subtle Acoustic Songs on Sitka Spruce Tonewood Guitars by Alaska Specialty Woods You see everything when looking for an acoustic guitar: Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood connect, etc. All extremely noteworthy, yet what does it mean? The more significant part of us aren’t wood specialists, so what precisely do distinctive…

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Alaska Splty Woods Office and Cole Home Fire

By Brent Cole / May 3, 2016

Hello Everyone, Many have been wondering whats going on with this Cole Family and Alaska Specialty Woods Inc.I’m very happy to report that this Cole is still alive. It was a close call. Here’s the story… Monday afternoon 4/18 I went to “The Wood Producers task force meeting” to participate with how the Tongass is…

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Tips for Creating Your Own Guitar

By Brent Cole / March 2, 2015

There are music lovers and there are wood crafting enthusiasts; and sometimes the two are combined. Whether your love is for the sound that a guitar creates, or actually creating the instrument itself, the guitar is a magical instrument.   If you do have the passion for working with wood and building instruments, guitar making…

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Tips for Tuning your Acoustic Guitar

By Brent Cole / October 31, 2014

Acoustic guitars can take a lot of work to make them sound their best. Yes your skills can make them sound better, but you will need to tune them in a regular basis to ensure they continue to make you sound good when you are jamming out. Tuning a guitar by ear can be difficult…

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ASW in the news

By Brent Cole / October 18, 2014


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Alaska Specialty Woods Inc. teams up with Two Old Hippies Family of Instruments

By Brent Cole / August 5, 2014

              Tom Bedell, owner of  Bedell Guitars, Bredlove Guitars and Mandolins, and Weber Instruments visited us Sept. 2013. RA took pictures and captured video, then put together this very well done video  piece highlighting some of the ASW crew. Check it out http://bedellguitars.com/seed-to-song/the-tonewood-certification-project/suppliers/alaska-specialty-wood Also browse around the site to…

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Special Qualities of Sitka Spruce Wood

By Brent Cole / July 25, 2014

The Sitka Spruce Trees of Alaska produce some of the best quality wood that can be used for a variety of different purposes.  The characteristic of the wood is what sets it apart and above the other variety of trees that are available.   Sitka Spruce Trees tend to grow on a narrow strip of…

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Thank The Internet For These Awesome Acoustic Covers!

By Brent Cole / June 13, 2013

Acoustic covers of popular songs are addicting to some music enthusiasts. Maybe it’s hearing a different take on the song, or maybe it’s hearing the emotion in someone’s voice. With a quiet tone, just subtle enough to complement the lyrics, you can truly hear one’s vocal talent. There a few ways in which acoustic covers…

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By Brent Cole / January 14, 2013

As any luthier would tell you, all tonewoods are not created equal.  When a luthier undertakes his artistry, he or she does so with the knowledge that different tonewoods have different qualities, qualities that are best suited to specific applications. When it comes to guitar tops, spruce tonewood is the first choice for discerning luthiers,…

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