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Seven Good Reasons To Learn Guitar

 It’s Never Too Late To Start!


Learning to play guitar is a skill for every age. Playing guitar is good for the soul and is not too complicated to learn when you have the right resources before you, including quality guitar, beginner music and a knowledgeable teacher to guide you along the way.


Here are some other reasons why it’s good to pick up a guitar and learn to play:


1. Yes, you can spend thousands on a guitar, but you don’t need to. Most retailers have gently used guitars for great prices. You could also build your own, adding to your bond with your instrument.


2. Guitar playing is a stress-free activity. Simple chords can take your mind of off troubling thoughts.


3. You can connect with others who play and together, you can create great sounding melodies.


4. There’s no one “right” style to playing guitar. In fact, guitar playing is very customizable.


5. Guitar playing can teach you discipline and patience. You can only go so far with a little bit of work. When you dedicate time and hard work, it will pay off in the end.


6. Instrument playing can boost intelligence. Studies have shown that people who are musically inclined (does not have to be a natural talent) showed to have a higher IQ score.


7. Guitar playing can easily be termed as a workout. You’re using many hand and arm muscles at once and if you get on your feet, you’ll be burning calories in no time.


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