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archtop guitar

Archtop guitars were first introduced in the late 1890’s they were a new type of sound people were looking for. These new guitars were not invented to be amplified at the time. They already produced loud enough sound on their own and could round out a band. Archtop guitars are a special type of guitar that takes years of experience to perfect construction.


The design of an archtop guitar has a arched top and back. These arches help create a resonating sound in the guitar you cannot achieve with a flat top guitar. The power of the sound of archtop guitar cannot be matched. When these guitars were first produced there weren’t electric guitars. This meant every instrument had to produce sound loud enough to be heard in the back of a room. The first archtop guitars were carved from on solid piece of wood; this would be no internal parts that could rob the instrument of its sound quality.


As the years has passed the archtop guitar has been adopted by many jazz and country musicians. These guitars do not produce an instant sound like a electric guitar so it takes skill and the right type of music to play it with. Archtop guitars have come a long way from the days of one solid block. Wood is procured for this specific purpose. Long gone are the days of using any piece of wood. Certain woods perform better than others. When it comes to deciding what wood you would like to use talk to the experts and see what your needs are and what you want to accomplish with your new archtop guitar.

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