How to Clean Your Sitka Spruce Guitar

Just like any other machine, it will work at its best when it is clean and looking like brand new. Playing your guitar for an extended period of time is sure to leave it needing a cleanup. However, it is important that you take special care of the Sitka Spruce wood and clean it properly.

For light dirt and smudges, a duster or a clean cloth should do the trick. It’s best to regularly clean your guitar to prevent any grime, dirt or oil from dirtying your instrument.

For a deeper cleaning, make sure to spray the cleaner onto the cloth. You want to avoid spraying directly onto the guitar or on the springs. It is easiest to wipe off the strings with a soft cloth after every playing session in order to avoid buildup of residues and oils.

Make sure not to use a waxed-based product. It will coat the spores, which will ultimately change the properties of the vibrations and will reduce resonance.

If you don’t have any guitar-specific polish, you can use a wood furniture polish but only sparingly. Make sure to always use a clean cloth or duster to make sure you don’t cross contaminate products.

Gently wipe the surface of your guitar clean, making sure not to use too much force or scratch the surface of your Sitka Spruce guitar.

Lastly, guitars that have an excessive build up of grime or oil can be cleaned with a commercial guitar paste polish that is nonabrasive.

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