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5 Mistakes Novice Guitar Players Make



The guitar emanates some of the most beautiful and mystical sounds, so it’s predictable that it’s the most sought after instrument. Anyone can be successful at playing the guitar as long as you put in the time and dedication.


For novice players, even if you practice daily and meet your goals, you still have to watch out for some common mistakes that can get in the way of becoming proficient at playing guitar.


1. Teaching yourself how to play. While many famous guitar players did “teach” themselves, doing so is very time-consuming, frustrating and confusing. It’s more effective if you take beginning lessons from a professional guitar teacher who will lay out the basics for you.


2. Having no clue as to what you want to play. Playing an instrument requires a thought out plan with the why, what and how questions answered ahead of time. With no focus, how will you ever reach your playing goals?


3. Placing no focus on the things that will make you a better player. Criticism is a necessary tool when learning to play the guitar. If you find you’re struggling with a particular chord for example, get help on ways to improve it. Success only comes before work in the dictionary; remember that when it’s time to practice.


4. Learning the steps to play in a particular order. Jumping around when trying to play an instrument can almost guarantee in defeat. A linear process is essential if you want to be successful. Start with the basics first and then work your way to more advanced songs.


5. Trying to practice guitar the same way famous players practice. No two players will play the guitar alike. What works for one person doesn’t always end in success for the other. You need to get in your own groove first before you can attempt to play like someone else.


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