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Things you probably didn’t know about Sitka Spruce

The spruce tree is embedded in North American culture and mountain landscapes. Many states claim a type of spruce as their state tree- the Alaskan state tree is the Sitka spruce; the Colorado State tree is the Colorado blue spruce; with South Dakota State trees the black Hale spruce and the Utah State tree is…

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The Top Three Acoustic Guitars For Professional Players

The world of guitars is expansive and so are its tonewood options. Reputable acoustic guitar companies, such as Taylor Guitars and Martin & Co. are now offering dozens of standard tonewood options – solid woods, laminated, and synthetics. And then there is Luthiers Mercantile International that carries a huge number of options, also including the…

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4 Famous Bluegrass Mandolin Players You Should Definitely Know

The mandolin: synonymous with Bluegrass and American folk music, is one of the most popular acoustic string instruments. If you wish to acquaint yourself with the instrument and its significance in the music industry, learning about the maestros that have played it through the years is a great place to start. There are many famous…

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A Day With the crew of Alaska Specialty Woods Inc,

A Day with the Alaska Specialty Woods Inc crew We at Alaska Specialty Woods do a lot of different tasks to complete our one job, that is to produce the finest soundboard products in the world. Earthone Soundboards, from 100% Salvage sourced Old Growth Sitka Spruce, and Cedars, Native and growing in the forest around…

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What is a Weissenborn Guitar?

What do famous guitar players Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), Ben Harper, and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) all have in common? They’ve all played a Weissenborn guitar at some point in their career. A man named Hermann Weissenborn developed his own unique brand of lap slide guitar in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, if you’re able…

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A Look at Sitka Spruce’s Importance to Alaska

If everyone reading this could come to Alaska and see Sitka Spruce trees in person, they’d marvel at their majesty. Indeed, life in Alaska is a treat for the senses– just one look around the forest here and you’ll stand in awe, impressed at nature’s beauty. Alaska Specialty Woods is proud to call Alaska home.…

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The Interesting History of the Harp Guitar

You don’t see too many harp guitars in use. They’re somewhat rare. A harp guitar can easily be described as basically a combination of the harp and the guitar, with several more strings than what you’re accustomed to seeing on a normal acoustic guitar. With a history dating back over two centuries, the harp guitar…

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