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Aged is all the rage

The bad news is that your guitar isn’t a spring chicken. The great news is that it sounds better than ever and that’s in part

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The Future of Sitka Spruce wrote an interesting piece about the potential struggles that Sitka Spruce will face in the future.  Specifically, the article discussed how Sitka Spruce might

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Five Famous Ukulele Players

1.    Elvis Presley or the “King of Rock and Roll” was no stranger to the ukulele. In the 1961 film, “Blue Hawaii” Elvis performs the

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Tips For Buying a Guitar

Finding a guitar or violin that sounds just right can be a challenging endeavor for musicians, especially beginners.  In order to play your best, it

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Sitka Spruce

The Sitka Spruce only grows within a few miles of the Pacific Northwest coast.  It flourishes in a climate with high annual rainfall, cool summers

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