Tips For Buying a Guitar

By Brent Cole / November 21, 2012

Finding a guitar or violin that sounds just right can be a challenging endeavor for musicians, especially beginners.  In order to play your best, it is imperative that you are confident in the quality of your instrument.  But how do you know which guitar to choose?  Simply choosing the one you think looks the best…

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Sitka Spruce

By Brent Cole / November 13, 2012

The Sitka Spruce only grows within a few miles of the Pacific Northwest coast.  It flourishes in a climate with high annual rainfall, cool summers with lots of fog, and mild winters. The life span of a Sitka Spruce can be over 800 years, with that much time to grow; these massive trees have an…

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The Importance of Quality Wood for your Guitar

By Brent Cole / September 25, 2012

Have you ever wondered why some guitars sound better than others?  Or wonder why the acoustic guitar you purchased as a teenager has held up better than the one you bought a few years ago?  One explanation could be the quality of wood and craftsmanship that went into making the guitar. The wood of your…

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New Product!

By Brent Cole / September 6, 2012

Split face flat sawn bracewood stock. This is a great product for those that wish to make radius-ed quarter-sawn braces in quantity. This is a product that I seldom have opportunity to produce, as most bracewood is cut VG and is produced as a fall down product while cutting large blocks into instrument fronts. The…

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See Port St Nicholas, near Craig, Alaska right now online!

By Brent Cole / August 31, 2012

Alaska Specialty Woods’ home at Port St Nicholas via AP&T’s  Sunnahea Mtn Webcam, located across the bay from our home.   We are located on the point bottom left of the mountain in this view. Sunnahae Mountain behind Alaska Specialty Woods Inc. Shop [opens in a new window]      

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