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sitka spruce
sitka spruce


To create great instruments you need to start with the finest materials. Sitka Spruce is the wood for the job. This wood grows densely on Price of Wales Island. The maritime climate creates the perfect environment for growing the wood at a slow even rate, without weather extremes.

Sitka Spruce is known and sought out for because of its strength and elasticity. IT has the strength to handle abuse but the elasticity to make it last, making it perfect to handle steel spring acoustic guitars. Because these trees are sought after we must do or part to preserve what we do have.

We only take trees that have died from maturity, insects, disease or trees that have been taken down by gale and storm force winds. 95 % of the materials used are considered salvage ad not green wood that has been taken before its time.

Once we receive the Logs we then take the time t break them down and get as may usable pieces as possible; getting rid of any knots or defects that would not make them suitable. All the wood pieces we keep get sealed ends with wax to allow then to be preserved for later use but this also allows for the ends to move with the block as the wax is pliable. During this process all pieces of the wood is utilized. All pieces not suitable can be used for smaller instruments or firewood for our home or shop. Wood shavings are used for local poultry bedding. Everything we harvest has a purpose and a use and we do not let it go to waste.

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