10 interesting Facts about Sitka Spruce Trees


A guitar’s wood type affects its sound and tone quality, and everything about the tree’s life plays a role. The tree’s environment, age, and health can accentuate or diminish the quality of your guitar’s sound.


Most guitars came from mahogany, rosewood, maple, and Sitka spruce. While all have their strengths, most luthiers prefer Sitka Spruce. Due to their structure, Sitka Spruce trees provide the best tonewood for guitars.


Learn more about the tonewood of choice; read 10 interesting facts about Sitka Spruce trees below!


1.       Sitka Spruce trees are one of the tallest species of trees, right up there with Redwoods and Giant Sequoias. Sometimes, they get to be very old, and outrageously tall.

2.       Sitka Spruce wood has many purposes aside from tonewood. Sailors often used Sitka Spruce wood for masts on their ships, and crates for their cargo.

3.       Sitka Spruce trees can produce a myriad of natural oils, which can aid minor ailments.

4.       Breweries and moonshiners will use young Sitkas for Spruce Beer.

5.       The Sitka Spruce tree is a symbol for a female protector and guardian; the Sitka is the “mother tree”.

6.       These trees primarily grow in the northern hemisphere, and are plentiful in areas like British Columbia and Alaska.

7.       If a pirate forced you to walk a plank, chances are it was a Sitka spruce; most wooden planks came from Sitkas! Arrghh!

8.       The Sitka Spruce Tree is the Alaska State Tree!

9.       The tallest tree is just shy of 200 feet tall; you can view this tree in Olympic National Park, Washington.

10.   Sitkas are fast-growing, and they’re a top choice for most reforestation efforts. 


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