Sunburst AAA-Master Grade for 17 Inch Archtop Guitar

These tops are produced with the finest tonewood fiber in the world. Procured from salvage sourced old-growth Sitka Spruce.

If very even color and texture and strong medularies are the litmus for Master Grade, these sets would fit that bill with the exception of the boards ends and out edges. Since we live in a RainForest that gets 10 feet of rain per year. there is lots of mold sore in the air and conditions are always near perfect for the spore to grow. Sometimes we are not able to process all the block that is cut from log into product fast enough before nature adds its mark. In this case, for these boards that have been collected and set aside for this sort. They would best be used when a dark sunburst finish is intended and desired, or other type artistic finish.


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