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Every Toredo Float Log  Guitar set is different. In 2000, Bob Benedetto came to me at the World Guitar Congress in Baltimore. He asked if I could supply him with some toredo eaten Sitka Planks for archtop. I said yes and sent him 2 sets of plank cut boards. He built Toredo 1 and Toredo 2 and sold them for a very hefty price. Good for you Bob! These are bookset cut acoustic soundboards that will yield a more symmetrical pattern because they are cut closer to the instrument profile. We are really not selling the wood at this price, but rather all the time and work that it takes to find a set that is workable. All the 23` long saws that need to get sharpened after just a couple cuts, because of the calcium shell deposit that lines the hole made by the toredo mollusk dulls the saw so quickly.

There are varying amounts of holiness from one set to another. Some with just a couple holes to 40% holiness and everything in between.

Let us know either by email or in order notes at checkout, how holy and where the holes should be, whether upper bout or lower bout etc.. and we will do our best to find a set that meets your desire.

Dreadnaught –  Most 2 pc bookset boards are cut  8.5+” x 23 but may or not pattern all of the width and length. These tops will pattern [per half]  Lower bout 8”,  waist 5.25 , upper bout 5.75” x 19.75-20” inches long which is the range of the 4 dreadnought gtr patterns we have to go by. If your measurements crowd these dimensions, it would be wise to let us know what your doing in the comments box of the order, during checkout; or best,  contact us before ordering.


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Questions and answers from our customers.

    How does the coloring compare to standard Sitka? The photos give it a yellowish hue. I'm wondering if that is accurate?
  1. 0 votes
    Q How does the coloring compare to standard Sitka? The photos give it a yellowish hue. I'm wonderin...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Joshua Abegglen on May 23, 2020 10:02 PM
    Answered by the admin

    There is really nothing standard in any old growth, albeit, some attributes are more common than others. Regarding the floatlog/toredo holed tops, some logs have holes that were made more recently and therefore there is no stain and discoloration. Some of the stain is from mud, from float log that has been on a muddy tidal flat beach and silt has washed into the holes leaving stain. Log that has not been beached, may be whiter, with no stain.  Another tip about color is, what camera and lighting was used for the picture and what the monitor display setting are on the device the viewer is looking at the photos on. None 0f the sitka is really yellow.

  2. Hi, I’m interested is purchasing a few of these tops but I have a few questions. 1. Can I see pictures and choose from the available 8 tops? 2. How do these tops rate in terms of growth rings per inch 3. Are these tops perfectly quartered or are they off quarter by any amount? 4. How do they rate in stiffness along and across the grain? 5. How is the tap tone on these boards?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Hi, I’m interested is purchasing a few of these tops but I have a few questions. 1. Can I see pic...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Mick Oliveira on March 25, 2020 4:07 AM
    Answered by the admin

    1. Sorry, but we are just way too busy to take pictures. You can look at product photos and ask we look for one similar to one you like best and second best. There are actually more than 8 sets available. There are most likely close to 50 with varying amounts of Holiness.

    2. All are cut from numerous trees/logs. The texture varies, but is all most certainly fine grain/close growth lines that is common for old growth sitka ranging from an average of 12-20 ln/in. 

    3. We are full time soundboard producers, and have been for over 24 yrs. all of our tops are cut VG and within a couple degrees of perfect VG. We check stiffness when cutting to make sure we never make floppy boards.

    4. The same as non-toredo boards.

    5. Excellent.  We cut boards for tone. Of coarse there is variances from one to another.  Moisture content will ettect tap tone, and humidity in our warehouse shop fluctuates with local weather conditions, causing boards to fluctuate in MC from 8-12 %.




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