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TIME- Time is what sets these sets apart from all others. The OLD GROWTH trees grew for 300-700 years and and then died standing or blew over and layed on the forest floor, getting re-claimed by the forest under new growth of moss and other trees. But it`s the age and water combined with the cedar oils together over a LONG period time that produced these colors of the fiber that cannot be replicated. Definitely unique and Eye-Catching! Earthy in Looks and Tone. And the Namesake of our whole product line of Earth Friendly tonewood products.

Ukulele-Tenor- Most 2 pc bookset boards are cut  5” x 14 but may or not pattern all of the width and length. These tops will pattern [per half]  Lower bout 4.5”,  waist 3” , upper bout 3.375” x 12.25 inches long which is the only tenor ukulele pattern we have to go by. If your measurements crowd these dimensions, it would be wise to let us know what your doing in the comments box of the order, during checkout; or best,  contact us before ordering.

These tops are produced from the finest tonewood fiber in the world from salvage old-growth Western Red Cedar.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 5.75 × .4 in

2 reviews for Earthtone Red Cedar Ukulele-Tenor

  1. Hank Johnson (verified owner)

    The first ukulele made from this unique wood was unbelievably bright. I’m now working on my second and can’t wait to get it finished. Amazing tap tone, stiff and not soft.

  2. Phil Henderson (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors on this wood. The tap tone is like ringing a bell.

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