AAA Minus Full Figured Bearclaw Dread Top


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These tops are produced with the finest tonewood fiber in the world. Procured from salvage sourced old-growth Sitka Spruce.

Booksets with really nice BEARCLAW figure. Not worthy of the AAA or Premium price, when compared to material we have had in the heyday of sitka spruce clear-cutting. But those days are long gone. These tops are great soundboards with the added loud visual energy of Bearclaw figure. I think they are a bargain to get the visual energy of nice bearclaw at a discounted price. Most of these sets are cut at or so close to VG[on quarter] that they are stiff as glass and have moderate to strong medularies. This is the reason that the figure is a bit less intense.

Dreadnaught –  Most 2 pc bookset boards are cut  8.5+” x 23 but may or not pattern all of the width and length. These tops will pattern [per half]  Lower bout 8”,  waist 5.25 , upper bout 5.75” x 19.75-20” inches long which is the range of the 4 dreadnought gtr patterns we have to go by. If your measurements crowd these dimensions, it would be wise to let us know what your doing in the comments box of the order, during checkout; or best,  contact us before ordering.


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