AA Light Curly Dread Sitka Spruce. This sort is not well known and I believe an undiscovered treasure. The visual depth of curl is very light, and apparent when the board is finished and is moved in the light. The curl figure is guarantee that the boards are cut within 1-2 degrees of perfect VG, for cross grain stiffness and moderate to strong medularies. The suitableness of the wave producing curl also indicates very unrestricted movement of tonal energy. So get GREAT TONE and the added visual energy of the look of depth. Just mention that in the comments section during checkout process. See the light quilt sort also.

Light Quilt Sitka Spruce Dread. Light quilt comes from the same block and log and tree that the light curl is from. The difference is the orientation of the cut. The quilt figured boards are just off VG and cut slightly across the curly lumps to capture more of the figure. This cut won’t have the strong medularies, but are cut within the tolerances of stiffness for good soundboards. The quilt offers a different visual energy of a 3-D depth. The picture of the sanded board does not capture the visual beauty of depth.

You are welcome to request a mix of quilt and curl when ordering multiples of this sort/product.

These tops are produced with the finest tonewood fiber in the world. Procured from salvage sourced old-growth Sitka Spruce.


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