Premium Grade Bearclaw Classical Guitar




The finest Bearclaw tops that can be had. Stunning full figure for the classical and steel string guitar slightly smaller than dreadought.

Classical – Most 2 pc bookset boards are cut  7.5+” x 23 but may or not pattern all of the width and length. These tops will pattern [per half]  Lower bout 7.25-7.5”,  waist 4.5 , upper bout 5.55-5.75” x 19-20.25” inches long which is the range of the classical guitar patterns we have to go by. If your measurements crowd these dimensions, it would be wise to let us know what your doing in the comments box of the order, during checkout; or best,  contact us before ordering.


For smaller guitar yet, check out our “0” size tops.


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Questions and answers from our customers.

    Hi, I have noticed a few mentions of sitka that will or won't PATTERN. I understand the word PATTERN but not in the way used here. Do you mean a Dread Pattern (Martin D-28 for example) will fit anywhere over the whole Piece ? or some other meaning of to PATTERN ? Also, I am in Australia and we have very strict customs and quarantine rules as we are an Island nation, and may I ask have you shipped any Sitka to Australia and were there any issues getting into Australia that you were aware of ? FYI, I am looking to replace a cheap laminated Dread Top/SoundBoard with solid Sitka as an experiment. I am a beginning luthier. Thanks, Mark Baylis
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    Q Hi, I have noticed a few mentions of sitka that will or won't PATTERN. I understand the word PATT...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Mark Baylis on February 23, 2021 10:03 PM
    Answered by the admin For this classical size guitar top set, the boards may be full size cut dreadnaught/jumbo, the size we target. But anomalies and defects such as pitch pockets and inclusions, or whisker/pin knots or a split. Anyone of these could make the bookset undesirable or even not usable for the dreadnought size, but the smaller classical guitar pattern would fit. We have sent thousands of products to AU and over 80 other countries around the world during our 25 yrs. No problem.

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